What prompts birds to build nests where they do? Some of their real estate choices are real head-scratchers. Over the years, we hosted our challenge Funky Nests in Funky Places. We marveled at the interesting bird nests stories through the artistic expression of so many! Participants shared photos, videos, drawings, paintings, others wrote stories and poetry.

On this page, we share some of the poems from our beloved challenge, and from others who keep inspired. They tell a story or teach us about our favorite feathered friends.

Explore, be inspired, and enjoy!

Ospreys Funky Nest by Marilyn Hamecher

Birdcraft by Barbara Reynolds

The Hotel St. Paul’s by Patrick Hansel

Hummingbird by Cassandra Polemi

See by Christy Cox

Morning Call by Stacie Grannum

Detroit Wren by London Drysdale

Eastern Phoebe by Marilyn Hamecher

The Scrub Jay by Jason Rice

Bird Brain by Marilyn Hamecher

Hummingbirds… Hmmmmm by Marilyn Hamecher