We strongly suggest that you partner with local artists in your community to create participatory public art opportunities! Here are a few ideas:

  • Hold an art/mixed media/or photography contest or a non-competitive art showing inspired by the natural world in cities.
  • Could dance, theatre, or music be inspired by birds, urban nature, and conservation? Try it!
  • Create a mural inspired by urban nature.
  • Create urban terrariums with city landscapes and green spaces.
  • Could you create art with plants? Create a vertical garden or container gardens for the birds. Check step by step instructions to have a garden in a small space!
  • Hold a contest featuring the best garden for birds. Promote creativity and connection with the arts. Hold a community gathering in a local business or park to award prizes. Need ideas for prizes? Email us at urbanbirds@cornell.edu and we’ll help you!
  • Combine art and gardening! Make a sod sculpture, create a hidden stone figure, make a tipi with climber beans or sunflowers, and more. Cornell’s Art of Horticulture website has some great ideas.
  • Create patchwork “arpilleras” (colorful, three dimensional, appliquéd textile wall hangings) depicting local community green spaces. Incorporate dried plants, seeds, and grains into the design.
  • People of all ages love creating art with fabric. Take a look at master quilter Elsie Dentes’ instructions on creating fabric collages.