Swingin’ Jazz and Birds in DC with Potomac River Jazz Club

July 21st, 2018
Washington, DC, USA

Mini-grant winner Potomac River Jazz Club will be presenting their Pileated Woodpecker Strut event on Saturday July 21 from 9AM to noon, rain or shine.  The event will be held at the Rock Creek Park Nature Center in Washington, DC.  The National Park Service is partnering with the jazz club for this event.

They will be conducting the Celebrate Urban Birds citizen science project marking several 50’x50′ observation areas for data gathering. Bird guides and binoculars will be loaned to the attendees for their observations. As a bonus, a special presentation of “Birds in the Night Sky” will be featured in the Nature Center’s planetarium.

During the course of the three-hour event, award-winning Capital Focus Jazz Band (local youth) will perform short sets indoors, interspersed with three 10-minute outdoor bird observation sessions in the adjacent marked areas.  Observation data sheets will be provided.

Come and enjoy this unique event where citizen science and birds meet Jazz!

Free admission for all ages!

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