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Jennifer Gnolfo

Oak Park, IL, USA


Submission from a 6 year old bird watcher(co-written with Mom): We were watching the bird cam one day and my mom showed me a funny video about funky nests. I decided I wanted to find one but I had only seen one birds nest in my whole life. The same day we started looking along the path we walk to take my sister to pre-school every day. We started to listen for birds and try to find their nests. We found many different nests on our block. These were the two funkiest nests we found. Now when we walk around our neighborhood we look for nests everywhere.



Nests Everywhere

This photo shows the birds' nest we found at my old pre-school. The birds made a nest right on the electric lines above the yard where the kids play every day. There was a mommy bird sitting on the nest before we took the picture.

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