Spotlight on David Lindo, The Urban Birder

(Photo © Susana Sanroman)
Here at Celebrate Urban Birds, we love hearing from other individuals and organizations who share our mission to get everyone excited about birds; observing, studying, and helping improve their local environment.

We’d like to introduce you to David Lindo, also known as The Urban Birder.  A native of London, England, Lindo now travels the world to promote birding and community engagement with the natural world.

As an educator, he works to make birding accessible for all, regardless of their background or experience.  Lindo offers courses and tours around the world, and runs a website where birders can view photographs and ask questions.  He also supports organizations that advocate for marginalized communities that want to get involved in birding.  

Over the years, he’s appeared on the BBC, CBS, as well as through his own vlog series.  He writes, “Through my TV appearance, writing, talks and tours I try to inspire people to re-look at their urban environments.  I believe wildlife in urban areas is so easy to engage with.”

(Photo © David Lindo)

Looking for reading material? Lindo has written two books, The Urban Birder (2011) and Tales From Concrete Jungles (2015), and also contributed to wildlife and travel magazines.  

Thanks for being a great peer, Urban Birder! We are happy to see you living your mission.  Keep up the great work!

~Brigid Lucey

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