Resources for Community Events

Here are some resources to help you with your community event:

    • Bird Identification:

PowerPoint Presentation to identify the 16 Celebrate Urban Birds focal species. This is a great tool to use when teaching the focal species.

PowerPoint Presentation Notes. This will help you share identification tips and cool facts about the birds in the presentation above.

Bilingual Celebrate Urban Birds Brochure. This brochure, with artwork by Evaristo Hernández Fernández, includes information about the project, features five focal species, and describes the connection between the arts and science.

    • Certificates of Appreciation

Use these certificates of appreciation with your participants or download one for yourself! Thank you for sending us your observations!
Certificate of Appreciation

    • Greening

Little Green Places poster. Poster includes 16 species of bird-friendly plants and art activities.

    • Publicity

Media release form. We can only use photos of your event on our website if you have signed photo releases from your participants (English).
Spanish media releases form. Please use this release with Spanish speaking participants.

    • Data Collection:

Tips for collecting data with groups. Download this guide to get wonderful tips on how to lead birdwatching groups to collect data.

Bird ID Guide This ID guide with beautiful illustrations by Liz Clayton-Fuller will help your participants learn how to identify the Celebrate Urban Birds focal species.

The Celebrate Urban Birds kit. The bilingual kit contains instructions, silhouette, and data form. Everything your participants need to do the project!

Tally Sheet with photos of focal species. If you want, use this Tally Sheet when taking groups of participants to collect data (please remember to transfer data to the scannable data entry sheets provided in your kit or above!).