Not long ago kids played outside until the sun set and it was time for dinner, now kids are spending most of their time playing indoors or in front of electronic screens. There is a relationship between the natural world and a child’s development. According to Richard Louv, child advocacy expert and author of the celebrated Last Child in the Woods, there is a link between the decreasing amount of connection with the outdoors and the rise in obesity, attention disorders and depression.

How will interacting with the natural world benefit you physically and psychologically?

  • Interacting with nature can reduce everyday pressures such as stress from school, family and friends.
  • Playing outside increases physical fitness which sets a path towards a healthy life, with fewer health issues.
  • Spending time in the outdoors raises levels of Vitamin D, an essential part to being a healthy kid.
  • Unstructured, free time in nature encourages emotional development whereas a rapid lifestyle leads to anxiety and depression related illnesses.

    How can we begin to benefit from what nature has to offer?

  • Being active in nature has great benefits. 60 minutes of outdoor play is often recommended.
  • Get creative and encourage neighboring kids to be active with you by simply playing together for 60 minutes a day. These interactions will at the same time build communities and closer relationships which are essential for a healthy and happy lifestyle.