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Cool facts

The Cedar Waxwing, which relies heavily on fruit as a food source, may become drunk and even die from alcohol poisoning after eating fermented fruit in the spring.


Calls are very high pitched “bzeee.”
To listen to the songs of this species check out the ‘How to Identify’ section of its Focal Species page.


Parks, gardens, forest edges, open woodlands, old fields with shrubs and small trees.


Fruit and insects; but the Cedar Waxwing can survive on nothing but fruit for several months. Because of its dependence on fruit it breeds late in the season and leads a nomadic life.

Did you know?

Cedar Waxwings with orange instead of yellow tail tips began appearing in the northeastern United States in the 1960s. The orange color is the result of a red pigment picked up from the berries of an introduced species of honeysuckle. If a waxwing eats the berries while it is growing a tail feather, the tip of the feather will be orange.

Watch a cool video of Cedar Waxwings: