Youth with binoculars
Photo by Courtesy Leaders of the World, Inc.

Get ready to participate!

First sign up for the project. Next, get your Celebrate Urban Birds kit (by mail or online). Organizations receive one free kit when they sign up for the project. Everyone can purchase kits in our eStore. You’ll also need to create your citizen science account to share your observations.

Then learn about the 16 focal species.

Watch birds and send us your observations!

It’s easy! Anyone can do it, no matter how little experience they have with birds. Help scientists better understand the value of urban green areas for birds.

  • Beforehand, pick a date, time, and place for watching birds.
  • Watch an area about the size of half a basketball court for ten minutes.
  • Record which of the focal birds you see and don’t see in your birdwatching area.

Send us your data by mail using the paper data form. Send it to: Celebrate Urban Birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, 159 Sapsucker Woods Road, Ithaca NY 14850 or submit it online using your citizen science account. If you are watching birds in Canada, please use our Canadian data form or use the online submission. You can access the Spanish data form here.

Singing at a Celebrate Urban Birds event.
photo © Courtesy of Museum of New York

As a Celebrate Urban Birds participant we also encourage you to:

  1. Participate in greening efforts.
  2. Participate in fun arts activities to deepen observation.
  3. Organize a community event that includes data collection, greening, and the arts (let us know so we can feature you on our website).
  4. Apply for a Mini-Grant
    Get $100-$750 to support an event in your community. It’s easy! Learn more here.
  5. Participate in a seasonal challenges.

Questions? We are happy to help! Email us at