Please sign up for the project before downloading your kit!

Kits are bilingual (English and Spanish). You can purchase a printed kit (or kits) in our eStore. Organizations will receive one free kit when they sign up for the project. You can always download kit items here by clicking on the item headings.

The Celebrate Urban Birds kit includes:

  • Welcome Letter

    The welcome letter has instructions and a wonderful bird identification guide on the back. Take it with you when you go out to watch birds!

  • Silhouette Poster with Cool Facts

    Learn to identify birds by looking at their shapes. This poster includes cool facts about the 16 species we are tracking.

  • Celebrate Urban Birds Identification Poster

    The poster features city birds in a whimsical urban setting with lots of practical information on the back about threats to birds in cities, ways to create a bird-friendly green space in your neighborhood, and how to attract birds.

Celebrate Urban Birds poster
photo © Katie Yamasaki
  • Data Sheet

    Please fill in this data form after you watch birds. You can mail your form in to the Lab at Celebrate Urban Birds, 159 Sapsucker Woods Rd, Ithaca NY, 14850 or if possible please enter your observations online (you’ll need to create a Citizen Scientist Account before you can share your observations). If you live in Canada, you can download a Canadian data sheet here.

  • Tally Sheet

    If you want, you can use this tally sheet to check off the focal birds you see while conducting your 10 minute count. It includes a photo of each of the birds you’ll be looking for. Just remember to transfer the data to the Celebrate Urban Birds Data sheet, which is what we use for our database!

  • “Zero Means a Lot!” Sticker and Lemon Queen Sunflower Seeds Packet:

    All participants receive a sticker with this very important slogan on it, although the artwork will vary! For participants within the US, kits include a small packet of sunflower seeds.