Adopt-a-School Project: Public School 770, The New American Academy

The New American Academy Public School 770 in Brooklyn, New York celebrates science with six interdisciplinary units of study throughout the year: Agriculture, Medicine, Transportation, Energy, Engineering, and Communication. This upcoming fall, the school plans on using their Pennington Adopt-a-School Mini-grant to fund activities in their Agriculture curriculum.

During a six-week cycle of study, third-grade students will learn about birds within urban settings, including their habitats, life cycles, needs, and ways to support them. The students and their parents will accompany their teachers to visit the aviary in Prospect Park and speak to members of the Wild Bird Fund, as well as a local bird-specialist veterinarian, to learn about ways to get involved in rescue work.

As part of the arts component of their study unit, students will study art such as music or paintings that feature birds, and use those subjects as inspiration for their own work! Public School 770 is also in the process of adding hanging planters to their patio as a way of integrating gardening into the school ethos, and parents have helped build patio garden boxes for growing vegetables.

At the end of every unit, the school celebrates with an event called a Curriculum Celebration, to which all members of the school community are invited. During this 60-90 minute celebration, the students become the teachers for their parents and special guests, and as a school-wide event it is a perfect day to do a CUBs observation all together!