Goldfinch perched on flowers
photo © Kelly Colgan Azar

How can you make life easier for birds in your neighborhood?

For this challenge show how people can create wonderful habitat for birds or how birds find what they need even in the most unlikely places. Walk down your street and notice how birds love little green places, water, and find surprising shelters! How they find seeds and nectar from flowers, berries, and fruit. You can send a photo of a beautiful urban garden perfect for birds, or share a poem about a lucky bird that finds the seeds you put on your windowsill. Watch birds carefully and you’ll find people helping birds everywhere (on purpose or by accident). Share your observations with us. Be creative! Take a photo, create a sculpture, do some artwork, shoot video, write a story or a poem. Just show/describe birds enjoying their habitat!

To see the recognized entries please select “Browse Submissions” tab and click on “Winners” for each category.

Great prizes include: Kaytee feeders, bird guides, sound recordings, posters, fun bird related books for adults and children, and more.

How to Participate

We'll be accepting Funky Nests in Funky Places entries starting on May 1 2016! Stay tuned.

We receive submissions from across the world celebrating No Bird Left Behind! Pan and zoom the map below and see where people are helping birds!

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